First Medical-Health Marketing

“Health is a value, healing is a profession, practice is business”

The First Medical Marketing Consulting Office definitely specialises its services in public health. We welcome our clients at a modern, friendly environment in our inner city office in Szeged.

The main profiles of our office are human health marketing technical advice, veterinarian marketing technical advice, managing consultation offices, health marketing training. We help doctors, veterinarians, non-medical practitioners to start and manage their private practices. We possess considerable experience in managing the marketing of private clinics, health- and therapeutic centres, dental surgeries and diagnostic centres. We provide a complex toolbar of online and offline marketing to our customers.

We are proud of our reference web pages supported by an outstanding health-specialized online marketing strategy. We take upon creating and managing search marketing, AdWords campaigns and business social media pages such as Facebook pages. A group of highly qualified marketing experts, possessing far-reaching experience, work hard to make our clients’ business successful and flourishing.  Nowadays it is obvious that, without the adequate marketing knowledge,, private establishments in the health sector are unable to operate efficiently.

We believe that health marketing requires special knowledge and experience and we are convinced that “Health is a value, healing is a profession, practice is business”. In public health one has to comply with a great number of legislations, use special expressions, therefore entrusting communication to an expert is totally worth it. Another remarkable advantage of marketing outsourcing is its cost-efficiency. Our clients can rely on an efficient marketing planning that is tailored to their practice and can be translated from theory into practice immediately the next day resulting in a measurable increase in their income. We implement their plans with responsibility and care, we create their homepages, and we manage their online tools and thereby enhance their performance. We help our clients with letting or selling their consulting rooms, or finding hireable rooms. Contact us and we are at you disposal!

Horváth Krisztina, Managing Director First Hungarian Medical Marketing Ltd.

  • Health Marketing Expert, teaching at Semmelweis Medical University
  • Health Medical Marketing Trainer

First Hungarian Medical Marketing Ltd is specialised in health care marketing. By concentrating on this narrow segment, we can provide help to doctors and naturopaths in the development of their business.

Nowadays it is quite obvious that a private health company can not work successfully without a proper marketing knowledge. If you wish to stay in competition, you have to establish a marketing policy. As we all know:”Health is a value, healing is a profession and practice is business” and that has to be entrusted to experts. Unfortunately, due to their daily routine, doctors rarely find the time to develop this marketing policy themselves. We believe that medical marketing requires dedicated knowledge and experience.  We are experienced in health care marketing management of private clinics, dental, medical and diagnostic centres.

We have experience in all-around-marketing communication of private clinics, medical centres, dental surgeries and diagnostic centres. We develop and implement marketing strategies, manage online and offline campaigns with great results.

Our target audience:

  • Doctors,
  • Veterinarians,
  • Naturopathic doctors,
  • Kinesiologists,
  • Private medical practices, clinics, diagnostics centres

Our services:

  • Human health marketing consulting
  • Animal health marketing consulting
  • Surgery and practice management
  • Selling and renting of medical properties
  • Health marketing seminars and training
  • Market research, communication audit
  • PR activities
  • Brand development, print and offline media creation and purchase
  • Online marketing specialised in health care (website,
  • AdWords, SEO, link building, SEM, Social Network Media, Banners, ads and many others)

Our method:

  • We visit you on site anywhere in the country
  • Small to large medical businesses
  • From consultation to complete outsourced solutions
  • Thorough assessment, overall market research, planning, implementation and evaluation

Please contact us: , +36 30 8942 663

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